Stern Didactic GmbH was founded in October 2016. As a young company of technical communication, we would like to continuously improve the quality of technical training and promote dual training. Our learning sets use simple to complex examples to illustrate the structure of technical drawings and provide trainees with an insight into mechanical production on the basis of small projects.

In this way, technical trainees gradually gain an increasingly detailed insight into technical communication. In this way, trainees are optimally prepared for their later career entry and can take on responsible tasks for your company at an early stage.



Technische Zeichnung, technical drawing, Baugruppenzeichnung, CAD, CAD-Service, cad service, technisches Zeichenbüro, Autodesk, CAM, SolidWorks
Nicolai Stern
  • Technical Draftsman (machine and plant technology) at the company AZO GmbH & Co. KG, Osterburken
  • Dual Studies B.Eng. (Mechatronics, Project Engineering) at the company Unilever Germany, Heppenheim
  • Development engineer at the company Hilger u. Kern/ DOPAG Germany, Mannheim
  • Lecturer CAD, Mechanical Engineering and project managment at Cooperative State University Mannheim